Hello everyone,

For me cooking was not an instantaneous choice from childhood. Rather as a child and in my adolescent years I was keener on working on the aesthetics of interior design of my home and reading various magazines.

Things took a quick turn after marriage when I had two very naughty sons growing up fast. Just like any mother, my entire focus shifted to providing them with healthy, nutritious food. Their overwhelming demands for change kept on throwing new ideas in my mind to twist simple recipes to present them as a new each time. This also helped me to avoid outside food at maximum times.

Until my sons grew up and were on their own in far away parts of the world, cooking was much of a chore.

I am not only a mother of two fine men and their lovely wives but also a granny to a doting beautiful granddaughter and as I have more time at my disposal I want to try new things and add it to the diary of my life’s journey and so nothing better than blogging suits my desire to do so.

I think home cooking is creating magic in everyday life with your own hands and is the best way to knit a healthy and soulful family. In India, this is a common practice in every home and families bond together while they cook and eat.

My journey in the blogging world began with a very interesting story. One day my elder son called me up asking to share few recipes for Indian food that he loved. I was very excited and the idea to share these Indian recipes with my sons and so many other friends became stronger each passing day. I have gradually learnt how to use internet and computers and clicking food pictures. Till day, I have written and shared over 800 recipes with my viewers. I feel very happy and each day I wait to share new learning’s about food with all of you. My son helped me to in this small venture and it has slowly become my passion.

Hope you learn and love to cook along with me.
Happy cooking to everyone!

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