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Japanese green tea culture

Today, while I was preparing tea, I thought of writing about this green tea: has a typical flavour and it is best on its own without sugar, milk and any other natural flavour. And the monsoon climate of Japan is truly magical for me. The sky may be dull and gloomy, but mood become cheerful.

The love of tea takes special place in my heart…drinking tea is not only pleasurable rather it gives refreshment and its benefits go far beyond…

There are thousands types of tea in the world, they traditionally classified as Green tea, Black tea, Yellow tea, Herbal tea, Flavoured tea, Blended tea, White tea & Oolong tea.

All non herbal teas are made from camellia sinensis (botanical name) plant. The Japanese green tea is immensely popular across the world and also made their way in India too.

The powder green tea is used in religious rituals called “Tea ceremony“is the part of Japanese culture.

In the traditional cuisine with all most every meal in the Japan accomplices by fresh brewed pot of green tea.

Actually the green tea is elixir of Japanese and they think it has innumerable health benefits (about life span).

Plenty of researches in Japan showing that drinking green tea is not only improve your health, it can be protect your teeth, improve your brain healthcare for your heart, lower the risk of diabetes and good for those who wants to reduce their weight.

Above all green tea is very effective in keeping skin and hair beautiful.

This is why green tea is staple drink of Japanese cuisine.

“This is the green tea magic”.

Japanese green tea
Japanese green tea
Japanese green tea
Japanese green tea
Japanese green tea
Japanese green tea

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