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Phirni/Firni (Classic Rice pudding)

Phirni/Firni is a rice pudding originated during the Mughal Empire in India, popular in many countries too as UK, Pakistan, Thailand, Bangladesh Iran etc; never goes out of… perfect royal dessert for cool party or professional gathering… it is loved by all as it is soul satisfying. Traditionally it is served chilled in earthen bowl/ clay pot, which is called sakore; cooking this is  not a tedious task and the appearance is so inviting…


  • Rice: 50 gm (basmati)
  • Milk: 1 liter
  • Sugar: 50 gm
  • Green cardamom: 3-4 no.
  • Almond: 15-17 no.
  • Saffron: 1 pinch
  • Condensed milk: 200 gm (optional)


  1. Clean and wash rice. Soak the rice for minimum 1 hour, Keep aside.
  2. After an hour; dry on kitchen towel for 20-30 minutes, grind coarsely, and keep aside. (You may prepare in advance and store for2-3 days at normal temperature or in the refrigerator for a week.
  3. Slice almond, peel off and grind green cardamom, keep aside.


  1. Boil the milk till becomes half; add grounded powder into the milk. Stir it continuously, add saffron and dry fruits.
  2. Continue to cook 10-15 minutes on lower flame, keep stirring at interval, when rice is done and become soft, add sugar, green cardamom powder, and keep stirring.
  3. Note: if you are going to use condensed milk, need not to add sugar.
  4. Add condensed milk and boil it, stir it continuously. Put off the flame.
  5. Transfer this into small earthen pot/small bowl; decorate it with sliced dry fruit and saffron.
  6. Transfer it to serving bowl, allow it to cool to room temperature, transfer it to refrigerator.
  7. Keep in refrigerator for an hour or two, serve it chilled.
Phirni/Firni (Classic Rice pudding)
add grounded powder
add saffron
add saffron
add dry fruits
keep stirring at interval
rice is done
add sugar
Add condensed milk
add green cardamom powder
add green cardamom powder
Put off the flame
Phirni/Firni (Classic Rice pudding)

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