Pausha  Month Pittha Thali

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Pausha/Poush Month Pittha Thali

Nowadays most homes are loosing making of Pittha art although it is so delicious and once upon a time it is very popular all over Indian continent.

It can be served as whole meal as well as snacks too.

Do you know what is Pittha? It is a special Bihari dish, which is very healthy as well as tasty. It is mostly prepared in between winter and autumn(January); this month is Pausha in hindi calendar.

The authentic dish is prepared from rice flour but in some regions it is prepared from  wheat flour or semolina(Sooji) too. It is strongly associated with harvest festival of Paddy.

It is steamed/ boiled recipe which I am going to introduce you ,“Pausha Month PitthaThali”, which consists of 3-4 variety of Pittha, Rice Kheer, Potato and Peas Sabji, Salad etc…

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  1. Pittha(Rice Roll or Traditional Bihari Dumplings 
  2. Royal Khoa Pittha(Khoa Stuffed Rice BallTraditional Bihari Dumplings)
  3. Stuffed Pittha/Bagia with Poppyseed 
  4. Rice Kheer
  5. Potatoes and Peas Sabji
  6. Salad and
  7. Green Chutney
Pausha  Month Pittha Thali
Pausha  Month Pittha Thali
Pausha  Month Pittha Thali
Pausha  Month Pittha Thali


Pausha  Month Pittha Thali

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